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What We Do

Cyber Security Solutions

AI-Based Cyber Defense
, AI Cyber Security For IoT
, AI Cyber Security For Email
 & AI Cyber Security Autonomous Response

ATP & SOC Platform

Sandboxing, Deception, Isolation, Virtual Security Analyst, UEBA User Behavior Analytics, SIEM & SOAR


Security Consulting
, Cyber Risk management
 & Cyber Security Regulations and compliance

Managed Security Service Provider

Vulnerability Management Products & Services
, Application Security Products & Services
, Managed Detection and Response Services
 & Penetration Testing & RedTeam Service

Cyber Security Training & Awareness

A Continuous Learning Platform For Busy CYBER Professionals & Email Phishing - SMiShing- Vishing Professional Services

Voice Biometrics & Facial Recognition Solutions

, Voice Biometrics for Commercial Applications
, Interrogation Room Audio/Video Recording Equipment
 & AI Facial Recognition Solutions


REM is a Remote monitoring software is used by employers and managers to monitor employee activity on company devices. REM software is used to ensure employee productivity, protect sensitive company data, conduct employee investigations and maintain compliance with federal regulations.

With the remote workforce now going mainstream, monitoring computer activity might be the only solution to maintain accountability and keep managers aware of how company time is spent from those virtual workspaces. When the majority of your workforce telecommutes, using REM's employee monitoring software you can keep a watchful eye on employee activity such as: -Logon/logoff data -Internet activity ..

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Reasons People
Choose 3SC

We believe there are many good reasons for you to want to choose us for your Cyber Security consulting purposes. Here are some of them:

  • Qualified team
  • 13+ years of expertise
  • Flexibility and dedication
  • Incredible Solutions  

3SC-LSF Solutions
Largest Satellite Fleet

Our LSF Solution Imaging the whole world every day, making change visible, accessible, & actionable for Intelligence Service

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NGFW Deployment and Professional Services


Vulnerability Management
 & Penetration Testing 's Projects


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